Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: January 15, 2014

In this article spirit and their influence on our lives is at its heart because there are so many moments where people are fortunate enough to not only have a spirit visit that they are aware of but also one where something may occur which alters their perspective forever.

Spirit of people who like us lived full and happy existence do not stop in their tracks when they pass they simply alter course and start to live in a new and different way.

It is easy to join with those we love spirit side and easy to be a part of a passion or pass time because when we pass there are fragments of our former selves which once more grow strong.

Spirit isn’t a term we use to portray a ghostly apparition or anything frightening which may have come from films but is actually only a way to evoke a sense of the energy we are.

We are all made up of energy and it is this which once more will be predominant in what we are when we pass, as mediums it is more the personality of someone we can see, hear them speak about or sense.  We will not rely on what we look like as a lot of spirit or energy of people is a result of who they saw themselves as or at an age when they felt their most comfortable.  It might mean a spirit will show themselves as a forty year old even if they passed in their eighties.

Energy is something which is free to move and often when we sit to look into spirit we will notice that people will appear first as a light formation or just a face or resemblance in part will be seen before more information will come through.

The notion of spirit is so vast that it is possible that a lot of effort made by those, to speak or to touch or even to be seen by those who they want to show their love for might be put down to a moment not easily explained not what you would expect or even missed entirely and spirit though can come through in multiple forms to make their presence known.

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