Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: December 18, 2013

Seasons’ thoughts and aims are featured everywhere at this time, with loved ones and people we normally hold dear in our hearts coming to physically spend this period with us.

Spirit have a sharing in this season and often state how much this break in activity and routine means to them.  With old friends and relations remembering those festive moments which meant more than words can every say.

Things are fast paced before this anticipated set of days finally make an appearance and it must be said that as things slow down so too does our normal stresses and problems as they are replaced by the more heart meant sentiments.

It is most of all a time to appreciate what we have and instead of just thinking about material objects we think on the people who matter most in our lives as we want to spend these special days with them.  Spirit make it clear they love this emotionally heighted display.

We think so much on if people will like the things we have bought or does it matter if all is exactly as it should be on the decorative side of what we do that sometimes the messages which convey the most apt sense are lost.

Originally the festival was born of the need to consider the fellow man and to think on what is needed to invite prosperity of both a material and spiritual sense in to one’s residence.  Spirit consider all the traditions and cultural perspectives a must as it is not so much the action of doing them that is important as the initiative and intention of what is put behind them.

We as people are tied in with spirit.  People who have lived before and joined in this same traditional expression are the very ones that through their essence will come and join once more in the sit down family ceremonies and putting up of lights.  For every moment a smile is not only visible but felt all the way through that will be the second you can be sure the spirit of the one you miss will be standing right at your side.

May you all have the most super festive break and wonder filled New Years.

This site will be on a short break for the festive hols and will be back again for everyone in two weeks time.

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