Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 23, 2016

Evidence of spirit.

Evidence of spirit can be noted in many different form of message, unexplained but validated experience or sighting of someone who has passed.

People may have a preconception or expectation of what spirit is.  In fact spirits are the energy of individuals known in life.  Often someone’s experience of spirit is different to that of how they thought it would be.  There is not anything to fear in a spirit encounter as many experiences are the result of a loved one attempting to make contact with someone in life.

In trying to make that sense of support known there may be links to evidence who they were in life or what they liked.  There may be a smell recognisable to a person that is depicted when it should not be there, a sound of something someone used to do, movement may be seen around objects that someone loved or there may be an experience of something noted that is only known of by the person and the spirit who initiates the activity.  All these experiences are reminders, if you like, of someone who has passed but has a link to people or something loved in life.

Evidence should be validated experiences that have no other explanation as for why they have happened.  Spirits may be the energy of people we knew in life and while the individuals are not experienced in the same way as they had been, their love and friendship for those they love does not end with a passing.

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