Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: December 11, 2013

This season is the time when the cold does effect people and it is the worst of moments to be down with flu symptoms.

Spirit are helpful influences in a number of different times and I have to say this method by which to rid one of a cold is a tip to remember.

By far it is possible to do it anywhere, anytime and be done by anyone and it perhaps can be thought the easiest of systems for sudden improvement in this type of sickness.

Please give this a go if you feel that a cold might be impending.

One has to first close their eyes and after taking a few deep breaths visualise a triangle with a line coming straight down from it to a circle.  You are standing within your formed circle.  A line of light and it does not matter if it be blue, green or purple will be directly flowing down from the triangle to you in the circle.  Feel and see it coming down to surround you.  As this occurs say the words Lu va meh pronounce Loo Var May several times.

After you have done this, you can open your eyes and quite quickly an improvement should start.

You can when performing the technique hold the light particularly over spots you feel effected most like a sore throat, chest or aches will benefit if you focus the Lu Va meh on it.

You can also do it if someone around you has something of this nature you do not want to catch yourself.  It is not anything that anybody else will know you are doing.

Practicing it throughout the day maybe twice and once before going to bed will give you the best outcome and will stop you from being anything other than at your peak of health.

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