Colours and what they can mean.

Author: | Posted on: March 13, 2013

Colours and shades have been discussed, noted and found to have many attributes and hidden associations.  They are written about here as they all have a significant sense of value which expands not solely in the areas of spiritualism and faith but in other methods of healing, practical meditation and techniques for cleansing.

Having a well informed and good basis of information surrounding colours does help to instruct in meditation, aids in visual techniques of seeing and sensing spirit and in bringing peace and happiness to surround you.

The most useful tones which can be visually evidenced in spirit circles are also ones which have been regularly referenced in blog which explain where and when the activity takes hold and those are the blue used by spirit when showing orbs, the green which lights up over the items in the circle and white mist formation.  Blue is a good shade often relied upon in spiritual physical sittings and perhaps chosen by spirit because of its mixture of purple and red pigments.  Red is a passionate hue and has its roots in energy but purple is well established as a link to higher spirit and the colours together can easily be an excellent blend of energy and spirit.

Colour list..

Green is a tone which is for growth, it is the colour of grass, most close linked to nature and can be used to help lift depression but specifically seen when one wants to improve or mature.  Spirit bring many levels of green to physical sittings and it is made apparent by them when they use it to aid in sparks above the doorframe or on the walls.

Blue is a good colour for healing.  Spirit uses it in orbs.  The light seems best to use in calming if practiced in a healing and applied when it helps to cover and cool on areas which are stressed or tense. 

Purple is historically noted for its roots to nobility.  In spiritualism purple is a strong colour and usually aids in more physical assiociation of spirit.

White just as in the case of purple is used by spirit to portray spirit entities who have a lot of energy or partake in roles which aid or instruct.  These higher spirits are ones not always present in the majority of meditation or simple clairvoyance situations but who are able to soothe, to infer advice and visually give proof of their existence.

White is a colour easily most well positioned when one would like to cleanse, freshen or even help invite peace into the home.  Seeing white with the third eye or mentally working through a meditation with white gives a strength, the aid of spirit and presents safe elements with blessed, peace and sources of assured well being that can come together and boost an environment.

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