Chart of life Part 5.

Author: | Posted on: March 22, 2012

Diagnosis had been given to the girl regarding her baby, and it was with condition so rare that it was still not fully known by the doctors how the child would be effected.  It was thought that the baby would not last beyond the age of ten.  It was a harsh and crushing time.  The girl was left to contemplate a life without the hope she had thought she had.  To look at the bouncing baby girl, with a smile as wide as can be, without a care to consider, it was impossible to think that all this was going to lead to pain and suffering. 

It was a moment where the girl wanted to scoop the baby up and run…Run far away and far to a place where they could be safe.  It was all the girl wanted, to know that the baby girl was going to be fine, and not left with such a life sentence hanging over her.  It was guilt, queries as to what had brought this problem on, confusion and distress.  All these senses were rushing around like a whirlwind.  The girl was confronted with a line of worry.  Metabolic problems, genetic disorder..the words were being said, hurled about by the professional in the clinic but all the girl could think was why and how?  Why had this come and how could she solve it for her baby?

It was a dark time.  A problem which left the girl to feel alone.  The baby was during this period fit and well, not aware that any situation had come into their lives.  Instead the baby who was exhibiting no symptoms simply gurgled, giggled and grabbed at life.  Two chubby fists of joy. 

It was a terrible time.  Hard to feel anything other than despair.  It was only a ray of light from the baby herself.  The carefree, boyant and beauty filled attitude that would melt all the worry from the girl’s heart.  It was an attitude that said, do not be sad, embrace the play and joy that life had to offer at the present instant moment.

The girl however was left to face the doctors.  It was a time which left the curtain of anxiety to be firmly drawn and bar her from her former being.  The GP did not know the exact nature of the problem.  Nor were the professional team at the clinic willing to say anything more than the little girl could have a genetic problem which would be the means for her having a varied bone structure to that of others, her pain would probably come and cause effects to be felt and she would not live beyond 10.  The girl, knew this was not enough, she had to know what the exact condition was.  The Doctors were not hopeful that they could tell her more.  It was then the girl asked for her baby to be referred to Great Ormond Street.  The hospital in Great Ormond Street, London, was a specialist institute for children and could help with the most rare of genetic disorders. 

The request to be sent to Great Ormond Street, was at first denied, the doctor said with a smile and ironical tone “you can not just ask to go there, it would take a letter and steps…”. At this point the girl interrupted and stated in no unclear terms that if she and her baby were not referred there then there would be attention brought to this case.  That this were the way things were handled, and that the GP had to refer the baby to the appropriate hospital, if he could not do this then the girl would go to lengths to take her baby there herself.   

The girl just wanted her baby to live.  Even if this meant that there would be harsh moments to face, as long as she had something to cling to, she could get through.  Having realised her intention, her baby with her at her side, the pair looked to what the next step would bring.

Tests were run, x-rays were taken and a period of worry ensued.  It was at this moment, once again, it was proved that a silver lining tipped every cloud; the diagnosis and further prognosis that the baby would not live beyond ten years of age was incorrect and had no basis.  Although, there was still things not known, the challenges of surgery and correction of spine was still ahead it was a celebration which enfolded the little girl and her family.


Pain and suffering are regarded as miseries; they are not. They have divine parts to play in the evolution of the individual; Silver Birch.

The higher you seek to rise, the more difficult it must become; Silver Birch.

It is easy to love those you love. There is no virtue, no saintliness in that. But to love those you do not love, that is the attribute of an evolved soul.  Silver Birch.

There is an infinite storehouse of knowledge which is placed at the disposal of all who desire to have it, but it must be earned by growth and struggle, by evolution and progress.  Silver Birch.

You may do all things that men regard as religious, but unless they inspire you to lead better lives, unless they enable the spirit within you to find greater expression, then you are not religious as we see it.  Silver Birch.

Learn to be free. Do not imprison yourself. Do not hedge yourself around and refuse to allow new inspiration to come to you. Truth is a constant search. Its boundaries are ever widening, for as the soul evolves the mind responds.  Silver Birch.

The power that fashioned the universe is not impressed because you build a great cathedral and fill it with beautiful music and have stained glass windows and impressive processions. You cannot imprison the Great Spirit in a building.  Silver Birch.


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