Chart of life Part 4

Author: | Posted on: March 15, 2012

At that moment, the problems had seemed to come so fast and thick; it did not seem possible that this girl had survived so many hurdles.  It was shaky and a daunting time which saw the girl sitting in one hospital bed and then a sharp turn of her head towards the side of the room brought the Sister of the ward coming into her with a smile on her face and a tiny picture of the new born baby.  Maybe the obstacles had finished coming, the girl thought, and that is when the Sister said that the baby girl could not be brought to her because there were fears that she may have heart and lung issues.  Oh, when you think that your path is filled with troubles that is when you may have to prepare for something which can-determine what direction you have to go; and how you cope.  An x-ray had been ordered for the new born baby girl and the young mother was left torn.  After such a traumatic birth and all the shocks which it had brought could she face yet another impending trauma. 

Streaks of hope had been torn away.  Shocks had served to only flood, the girl, with more doubts as to how she could survive.  Had this time been made with the support of her people then it would have been all the more bearable but in a room so far from home, the East, seemed a very distant place.  The hospital had said that they would have to run tests and then tell the girl what state her baby was in. 

After four or five hours, which ticked by an eternity the good news was brought that the baby girl was fine.  There had been no damage to her tiny lungs or heart.  It once again proved that the darkest moment was felt just before the dawn.  The baby was placed in the girl’s arms, and with a look into each other’s eyes the moment came to pass. 

A baby who had been crying non-stop in the baby ward, only soothed by the smell, and embrace of her mother, at once stopped the noise and was on being placed in the girl’s arms calm.  Something, which the staff, remarked was inexplicable.  Despite having failed numerous attempts; the infant, who had not taken one drop of milk for over 24 hours from the nursing staff now suckled contently from her mother.  It was a bond, it appeared, that was meant to show and light up a reason for why things had turned out as it had.

After the discharge from hospital, on many occasions, people would seemingly pop up out of nowhere to admire the baby and whisper to the girl that this was no ordinary child.  They were words that seemed to resonate.  Words which seemed charged.  The emotion gripped the girl and somehow she knew too that there was something extra-ordinary which lay with her baby. 

Few months went by and the baby had just started to prop up.  It was tentatively gentle and the tiny girl could only sit for a few moments but it was during this time that the mother felt a small lump on her spine.  The health visitor had said, on seeing it that it was fine but then re-thought her comment and asked for it to be checked out by the G.P.  The split decision was odd, because up till then, she had said that everything in the baby was above average; the girl was advanced for her stage, but on reaching the door as if suddenly on an impulse the health visitor said that she was returning to the surgery and maybe she would make an appointment to have the bump tested.

It was a strange time.  To have found out and seen that the baby was advanced.  Then, to be a watcher, as the infant was taken in and tested.  All these people.  All the hustle and bustle of activity.  As, something was descovered, the doctor’s face said it all.  Odd, to see how curious, the consultants were, it was a mere curiosity to them but a life shaping element to the girl and her family.  It was so difficult to comprehend.  It was so hard to decipher from the faces and expressions if what was going to be said, what the next few sentences were going to bring, were going to slam the young family into a fate beyond their control.  The test result came and the young girl could not go in, she asked for the boy, the father to go in and see.  It was a horrible time to wait, to sit in the car, an enclosed vehicle wrapped in emotions.  A while later, the boy returned, and after being asked quickly replied that no the infant was fine, well fine as in the doctor’s said that her bone structure was as they had never known before.  This in itself was not negative, it did not give a sentence or answer which left the parents reeling. 

The hospital car park bore witness to the girl pleased, until a few moments later, the boy sat weeping.  When asked, what was wrong, he replied that it was the relief.

The sad times can not outweigh the moments where relief washes through and prospects are unveiled like diamonds in the rough.  It was such a time, a moment of contradictions, to be told one minute that your infant could have some terrible condition and then the bleak second turn itself into one of pure joy.  It was hard to know how to react.

Once again it was proved that you had to enjoy the moment you were in.  Don’t worry about the past, don’t worry about the future and just enjoy the present.  Because it is just that, a present, a gift in a life line.  The chart of life had brought a baby bouncing and dancing on her mother’s lap, this in itself was incredible.

Why lose the gift, the joy of the time for an unknown prospect…

It is important sometimes to take stock, to know that even though there may be troubles in the future, what you have are also important elements.  Do not lose consideraiton for what there is for what may be.

The girl looked outside and knew that there would be more tests to endure, the infant was a curious case to the staff at the hospital, and yet it seemed such a pleasurable time.

“Life is always a polarity.  If there were no darkness there would be no light.  If there were no trouble there could never be any peace.  If a sun always shone you would not appreciate it.  You have to learn sometimes through conditions that seem a nuisance.  One day you will look back and say, “we learned our best lessons, not when the sun was shining, but when the storm was at its greatest, when the thunder roared, the lightning flashed, the clouds obscured the sun and all seemed dark and hopeless.”  It is only when the soul is in adversity that some of its greatest possibilities can be realised.”  Silver Birch, spiritual guide of Maurice Barbanell.   

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