Chart of Life: Part 17.

Author: | Posted on: June 14, 2012

A wise man once foretold that a step taken with forethought and consideration is worth a far more meaningful distance than a step taken in haste and negativity.

When things look bleak; a situation which has tired and strained your heart and mind, do not dispair but look out and further into the light of the future ahead.

The girl found herself, immersed in the centre and prayer sanctum of Sai Baba.  It was said he was an outstanding man; a unique soul who helped so many and dispersed so much, Rajish, the tour leader explained that there were many unexplained physical events and incident that were left unfathomed and unanswered.  Thus, if any members of the group were to feel something that they had not encountered before, then not to question it too much as it was simply par for the course when you were close to Sai Baba.  The girl, however, she could not fully contemplate just what this meant until she started to attend the inner workings of what went through and by in and amongst the tiny village in India.  Baisic thought about how she would be touched and what she would encounter would never have prepared her for what was actually about to happen…

The girl, and her family attended two prayer time session and that was early in the morning and in the afternoon.  The sheer wall of emotion which hit you as you walked through the arch way to that centre was unforgettable, it was breath taking and it brought a lump to the throat.  It was here the girl opened her eyes, she felt a pressing release of emotion and the light shine on something she had not felt previously and it struck that here you are and were part of something far larger than yourself.  It was a new blanket on a shivering and cold spirit, who had battled against medical intervension and bleak dispair.  Holding her little girl on her lap and sitting… just being in that crowd with so many indivdiuals in seek.  It was as if a hand had been extended and the girl felt that whilst so much had been left in their wake, and the extreme problems of medical conditions were present there was also so much more to consider and look at through the eyes of so many others.  Life did not always pan out as planned; this was true and sitting in that open air room with the humid air, the insects crawling on the marble and the expressions of so many who had made their way to this place, it filled you with something that could not entirely be put into words it filled you with a sense.  A sense that through enormous barrier and hurdle people had still coped and much more than this sought out aspects of positivity which would otherwise have been taken for granted.

The open- air meeting taught more than just the fact that so many had gathered for a miracle, it showed that people from all walks of life, all status and position could just be together and not look at the phsyical problem but the underlaying talents and qualities.  It was to this that the girl found herself looking beyond the problems which had challenged them and the sadness of recent hospital visits.  There was much more vital, vivid and unencountered moments to experience and they were surrounded with hope and aspirations.   

The enormitity of this struck to the core and the heart of the girl as she sat and could not help but see the line of the most sick and ailling people.  The faces of people from home and away, with such a long line of obsticles and physical hurdles to overcome.  Face upon face and many with people, helpers who had come with them.  It was hard, when sitting there to still have the same ambitions for healing, for priority.  It was a fragile heart, the girl had, pounded by so many thoughts for her little girl, and with this same sense of being here that she felt her resolve melt away; tears flowed for a little girl with brittle bone of whom she knew back home and she instantly wondered at how quickly, as the doors opened and the same one whom they had come to see walked in, her mind went straight to that little girl and others who she knew could desperately need healing.  Sai Baba, it was as though he represented a lesson which she had not known was needed; a fact that overshadowed that of her own pain and concern; because as much as her little girl was the focus of her aim for a miracle, it was in realising that there was more spirits and souls who had faced more bleak and oppresive turbulation and shone as a result that brought a level of soothing to that of her own.

It was in being there.  It was through first-hand experience that more could be occuring than she ever knew that the girl felt her world expand.  Her little girl sat on her lap, was watching as people, so vast a number all stretched out to the one man.  Sai Baba had come in to the frame and instantly it was not the sorrow of the need for so much help that hit home but the coming together.  There was a sense of peace and it was here that the girl turned to her daughter.  As much as she did not feel able to ask for themselves to be in receipt of healing.  She looked to her daughter and said that if she wanted to ask for anything then she was the person most able to do this as she had to be the one to ask with all her heart.  On hearing this, it was here that she, the little girl looked rather taken aback and said to the mother that she couldn’t ask because there were people there far worse off than she was and it would be not fair and they should come first.  It was the words that came out of her mouth but moreover the expression that her face took on, the almost adult like feeling that she expressed which moved the girl to silence.

It was sitting in that place, whereupon two events took place that afternoon.  One, the aspect was shown to the girl that to truly appreciate conditions one had to view in a relative manner and two, a connection was highlighted in a line between themselves and Sai Baba of which the girl had never thought possible.  On the flight to India, the little girl had been given a box of crayons and paper by the flight staff.  It was on this paper that the girl, filled with stories and thoughts she had heard about Sai Baba, chose to draw a picture of him and not alone but with his beloved Elephant.  Guita was the animal to which he was most connected out of all his animals, and it was said that when he left the town, this elephant would cry.  The little girl, she drew on this card a picture of the elephant in glorious technicolour and it was with a smile and a raise of a trunk that she stood next to the man she loved most.  It was a small picture and one which was drawn on a piece of flimsy card but it was something that the little girl was desperate to give.  It was with this in her knowledge that the girl had felt concern because in the afternoon meet it was said that the person they had come to see would not be able to walk in amongst the crowds…

The little girl had been holding the picture out and it was known she was putting more want and desire to give this than even her own healing.  It was as such the mother resorted to the one thing which had worked on their time in India and that was to close her eyes and talk directly to Sai Baba herself.  She explained that she knew it was a very busy time for him and that in this session filled with so many, he was only supposed to sit at the top where he could bless but could he make an exception…

It was upon saying this, the girl did not hold out much anticipation, the room was full to bursting and with her little girl so small she would hardly be able to give her picture.  Just as she had finished feeling as if her system of talking directly to Sai Baba had been pushed too far, and this time he would not… there were whispers among the people and when asked they said that on this occasion he would be coming down and walking amongst the crowd.  At first, the girl thought that this was a rare but odd coincedance, he would probably only brush the surface of the gathering of people.  Yet before this thought could take root, the people parted and before she knew he was walking straight towards them and smiling at the girl.  Her mouth dropped open as he straight walked to the little girl, and as if he knew or had been given some kind of advanced information or something, bent and with a smile took the picture from her. 

The encounter, it brought more than surface appeal, it warmed the girl’s soul because something so small had helped her little girl on leaps and bounds.  Sai Baba had been with them in more ways than could be seen, and when she thought, it was hard to list… 

  • Sai Baba had helped in providing; accomodation was found when there was thought to be none suitable to the particular needs of the family; and when at a time of a shortage of places after asking a man had come up with the right furnished flat. 
  • Once more when the girl had silently asked, appealed to Sai Baba, the situation had improved.
  • When she thought there was no way there would be an encounter with him, once more, after talking with him in her self he made way and came to them.
  • It proved that he knows you, you did not need to be sat next to him for him to hear your voice.  You are there for a purpose. 
  • It meant that the girl and her family had felt blessed in such a way.  It was as though you encountered so many miracles that it would alter your outlook on life forever.

With so much occuring, the girl considered, the words of the tour leader once more; he had stated that with there being so many experiences…there was one that the girl remembered him speaking of and was yet to feel.  Later that evening once the little girl had been tucked in and herslef had fallen to sleep she sat up with a jolt and having experienced something remembered what had been said: You may wake up and sense that your bed is shaking a lot; if this was felt it was not to be feared because this often happened when people were in the vascinity of Sai Baba.  The girl looked and sensed that the physical miracles of Sai Baba were yet to come, because unless there had been an Earth quake her bed had started to suspiciously shake…

Even with so much taking place, the family had only scratched at the begining of Sai Baba, and the physical side of his being.

I came to know you when I thought I was to carry the burden of life alone

Then when I knew you

I could not believe that I was awake

Thought that this was a dream

That it was my imagination

Or perhaps

An image made up from a wish or my heart’s desire

I had to ask people to touch me

To see if this was not my dream…but was true

It was then that I asked for a sign in my mind

To let me know if I was blessed for real through you

You came to me right away

Smiled as you knew me

Not only then

That smile of knowing gave me the sign

That my spirit can not lie

It was then that as my soul was given wings

To fly right through the clouds

We flew where no boundaries hold you tight.


Read more next Thursday.

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