A Mother’s Day Treat by Michelle Lloyd

Author: | Posted on: March 19, 2023

Ultimate Mother’s Day Shopping Experience

(A Father’s POV)


It started off so very well,

and I was feeling incredibly swell.

Then came the stomping of the feet,

and I was rushed off right out of my seat.

From there on I had no more control,

and I can tell you this was no leisurely afternoon stroll.

We were up and we were off like you would not believe,

shopping and racking up bills like I could not conceive!

I was practically flying through those walls,

hitting and haggling at various, vibrant stalls.

The bags, they kept increasing at a steady rate,

my health and appearance were looking in a right terrible state.

Still we carried on a speedily going,

chatting, choosing and not any hint of slowing.

At one point I thought I had roller skates attached to my feet,

we were whizzing off so fast down those shop-strewn streets.

Then came a small, faint voice asking if we were nearly done?

It was clear from the little shoppers’ actions that Oh No there was yet more fun…

I was whisked past seemingly endless and packed product rails,

the resulting purchases mounting in successful sales!

Beneath it all was a puffed out unrecognisable me,

begging for a sit down and perhaps a cup of tea!

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