Spiritual dictionary.

Author: | Posted on: December 29, 2011

Spiritual dictionary

There are a number of terms and words which can be used when conversing about spirit.  It is difficult sometimes for the correct definition to be applied and avoid misunderstanding.

Spirit-  Spirit is the most misused reference when talking about, and defining, it is often mixed with ghost but the two are separate.  The spiritual half is the essence which moves to spirit side.  Upon passing it is the spirit which moves and leaves the physical part. 

Ghost – The ghost, or entity, which can be seen is often the earthbound spirit who has not moved to the other side.  It is in part, trapped and sometimes displays injury.  It is usually the choice of that entity not to move on either through a sudden passing or a not realisation of passing.  A ghost can be easily told apart as there is often physical ailment or impurities.  Sometimes the feet of the ghost also look as if under or not on the ground but that is simply because if from the time past the level of the floor is different then this will still seem the same to a ghost.  The ghost is, in essence, someone who had yet to understand a passing.  Spirit side is on a different level.  If you see a energy as clearer or moving with a limp or any kind of imperfection this this will be ghost.  Not spirit, as spirits no longer hold with earthly aspects.

Vortex – A vortex is just an area where spirits and energies are more likely to pass in and through; this could be due to the frequency or atmosphere. 

Bleed through – A bleed through is where the emotion of a time or event is strong enough to the point where people feel as if they are regressing back to the same era.  People feel so connected that they in essence feel a part of that.

Imprint – An imprint is when a place has been witness to so much sadness or vice versa so much joyfulness that the people in that place or going through will witness that same scene.  Emotions can also come into play as they start to effect the people and show what has happened.

I hope this helps.  It is simply a small dictionary which hopefully clarifies some of the most often used terms.  Sometimes knowing how some word is applied will also help to highlight what kind of spiritualism is being show.

I would also like to take this time to wish everyone a very merry season’s greeting and that you have a very prosperous and the most exceptionally wondero us New Year.

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