Resonating energy.

Author: | Posted on: May 8, 2013

Recently there has been a lot of spirit led occurrences which have inspired research and the consequent discovery of actual spirit evidence.  This spirit information has gone on to provide the best source from which to find accurate portraits of what has befallen individuals in both an historical and present day sense.

It is true that I have long been perplexed by the idea of the Amityville house from where all the horror movies have sprung.  Was this really the terrifying known ordeal of fright as to be believed from the word of mouth stories of those who lived there or could there be more of a historical basic conclusion to what undoubtedly took root there. 

Resonating energy is a spiritual term for a place where an event may have stimulated such grief or anger that it witholds or is retained somewhat in the very site where it occured.  Overwhelming emotive senses be they of human suffering of any type can be kept or burried in that place and people who move in upon the land with any predisposition or be prone to depression, mood swings or hightened sensitivity can thereby feel this emotive ticking bomb and will supress it making themselves ill or let it out in an almighty explosive rage.

 It is written in historical ledgers that the site of the  Amityville house was original settler’s land and Native American territory.  Battles took place on the land and thereby it became Native American burial ground.  Without any shadow of a doubt such sacred arenas were never intended for any projects or to serve as building fodder and tainted.

 The walking of people over land with resonated elements can stirr and unsettle the spirits who by choice or force of their emotion are trapped there.  Environments with history of battles, feuds and wars where people have fought and passed to spirit are grounds if you like which are keepers of the saturated emotional distress are bottles plugged up with the over riding loss, anger and pain.

 Emotionally challenging and active such buildings which hover over the remainder of lives ruined can in themselves be difficult places to inhabit.  It is in this situation mediums use spirit controls or aids to assist in the task of finding out informative pieces of knowledge about what went on and to what extent.  Whether the spirit control helps to find out important facts for a reading, a rescue for spiritual presence or to deepen understanding about what has taken shape in a haunted location all these objectives can be made easier if the medium enlists this external influence.

To an individual accustomed to physical spirit work there will be no suprise in seeing active phenomena.  Things going bump in the day or moonlit hours are regular occurences in sites where the sanctity and peace have been upset.

Native American tribe and society did live to protect their families and way of life.  The actions of current bodies even in a subtle or more decisive approach will have an impact on energies who feel their land was stained with the blood of plights left to feel misery and degredation.

There are a lot of interactivity and phenomea that are accepted by those who investigate spirit.  In paranormal aspects within spiritualsim circles invite such physical act and demonstrative displays of spirit.  But this same spirit manifestation can be seen by others in a household and experienced by those who have no previous background in this field as scary and be misunderstood or judged badly.

Frights of any means can lead to people acting rashly and easily believing that there is nothing else to be done but to run from the house screaming or become volatile in their own handling of the matter.

Often spirit who manifest in such a manner do so because they have no real grasp of their passing or have sustained a brutal end to their life and are unable to deal with what has happened.  Bringing in thoughts of evil incarnation is not neccessarily the most appropriate answer.

   Damp spots, objects disappearing and appearing in other places and banging sounds echoing out of solid panels are all signs of spirit.  The whispering muted speech and items floating in the air are amongst many things what is a part of physical mediums aim to bring into practice during a circle and regularly is what is seen as an energetic spiritual achievement.

The same behaviour from spirit shown to a household or in front of unassuming non practicing mediums will be seen far differently.

 With items levitating mid air and tables crashing it is easy to take in the distressed and uncomfortable result.   

Energies in spirit were once people and individuals who were subject to conditions and senses which have left them in turmoil or unresolved grievance.  Compassion is needed to help alter what has been felt.   When someone passes it is not just a release of the inner soul from the body but also a time for the passions of the past to be left behind and the person to move on to the next step of their chart.  If the person for a reason feels chained to a place it is not choice always that is why they remain but more their own conflict with their memories or senses.   In that of the houses upon which grounds hereafter are the subject of much rumour and speculation it is more apt that one should take into consideration the effect of the emotional imprint which is a spiritual term to define the snap shot of a freezeframe brief minute in time which serves as a link to a more sensitive level of what befell that site.  An imprint is a blot or distinct print on the lansdscape and a power fuse of  retained pain and feeling from a poignant epoque.  The time when the phenomena of an entity along with imprints unite it is a rare album of paranormal perspective full of insight of past periods.

reports of phantoms are and should be thought about as people who might need release from the life they once were involved in.

To summarise it is only thanks to spirit that our propper evaluation of what has taken place in particular lands might be fully brought out into the open.  The anxiety and difficulties of those who have encountered entity physical outbursts of this nature must be empathised with but light and cleansing may be better methods with to use rather than hate and loathing or terror.

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