Positive vision.

Author: | Posted on: January 9, 2013

When we think of the things we need, we hope to achieve, we aspire to and we would like in life the elements can sometimes blend and merge to the extent that it is no longer clear what is essential and what is tucked on to that wish list that we all have hidden away.  Life is usually full of ups and downs, turns and peaks so much so that it is not easy to always keep patience at the forefront and main motivator of our lives.  Instead we usually live life in a rush of frenzied action and aims.  The trails that we all leave are mere plumes of smoke left behind as we hurtle along.

It is vital to take a step away and keep things in perspective as it is when we do this that we often see the parts of our lives that we do not give priority to but actually have poignant or real significance.

People, incidents and responsibilities can take hold and occasionally we loose sight of what is important.  Trying to be in a clear vision over every aspect can sometimes be near impossible and our judgement can be clouded.  Strain, difficulties and dilemma mount and threaten to overbalance us.

Positive or plain thinking, priority vision as some entitle it is a method by which people can step away and envision the better and inspirational ideas actually becoming a part of their lives.  It is when we endeavour to assist forward thinking and spiritually aid events in our lives that they may come quicker and easier to us.

In times of particular strain or problem this method is one which can easily be adopted and through a blend of meditation and positive vision help bring the more fluid and favoured conditions in to our lives.  The technique is one that you may hear a lot of people discussing, one that picks up on the role that the cosmos takes and when correctly placed within the parameters of our own lives can virtually be seen and then physically be felt to shape and give inspirational result.

It is easy to follow and involves one gently sitting in a calm or relatively peaceful environment.  The person should close their eyes and focus their attention on a place which they think of as having beauty, it is generally considered that they should sit here for a few minutes or until you feel stated and ready to move on to the next stage.  After sensing that you have left your problems far enough away and are attuned to the new scene you may then see yourself in your mind’s eye walking towards a waterfall.  Gentle, fluid steps should take you beneath the soft overflow of the cool, refreshing drops of water and as you feel the liquid touch your skin you should receive the energy it gives you.  Standing under this waterfall for a matter of time enough to give you a relief from aches or minor pains will fill your whole body with renewed aim. 

The person should sense a cool atmosphere from the water coming in from their backs and fill their whole bodies with freshness.  Standing under the water should help you to concentrate on any small niggles in your body, tight muscles or aching spots and it is now that you should release the tension and let the flow of the stream of water rest particularly on those areas.  Actually see the drops wash over the problem parts and the colour darken as it comes out, see the same pattern of discoloured rushing coolness exit the body and take with it any residual discomfort.

It is now the person looks up and sees a number of colours in the sky rather like an effect of a rainbow and the steps take them out from beneath the water flowing from the rocks.  The spirit here is able to feel themselves walking, settling and then vision fills their sight of particular wishes, aims and the one set of events which they desire.

The whole passion towards this positive event occurring should be concentrated on and it is now that it should be seen happening.  Almost like a spectator one should sit and watch as the aim unfolds and the individual is partaking in the part of life happy and content.

The meditation is aimed to soothe, point toward clarity and vision.  When the stage has been set with a display of what is desired then the spirit can slowly feel their heart beats slowing, their mind settle and a positive flurry of energetic ease surround them.  After waiting and then standing the steps should bring one back from the deeper mode of rest.

Feeling themselves coming up, beginning to once again hear their surroundings the person should slowly open their eyes.  It is now that a list can be drawn containing a number of aims one would want fulfilled.  Some bring in the use of a mood board which means that a series of pictures or photos are cut out and assembled on to strong piece of board. 

The board is used to highlight visually the aims and wishes that you have.  By putting them on the chart one is stating that these are the elements one would most love to be a part of their lives. 

Each point should be thought about, seen as happening and if it be a something to attain then it should be seen actually on or near to the subject.

The cosmos should be asked for help and remember that every aspect of our lives can be made to be more positive or more filling.  It is the cosmos which has to oversee all processes and when we want right at that moment it might be what we think is right without us having all facts and knowledge at our fingertips.

A time limit can be imposed on the thing we most want and while asking the cosmos for input into achieving it ultimately it is the receiving or fruition of it that we should be exhilarated with and to a lesser extent the length of its arrival.

Sometimes timing is dictated by a higher energy.  Often it is when we least expect it that an exceptional enhancing turn is awaiting us and will shape our lives for the better through a route that pleases us beyond belief.

Good luck with putting your positive wants in to practice.

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