My spiritual rose.

Author: | Posted on: August 15, 2012

There comes a time when each person desires a link or a fond cherished moment with a loved one who has passed to spirit.

Spirit too can come through and this may be in the evidence of their time here in life, their fondness for people or some tangible experience or event which will leave you touched and left to intrigue about spirit and just what they can bring…


Spirit can and do show their affection and spiritual light through many demonstrations.  The feeling of spirit can touch the most sadly stricken heart to the gladdest of soul.  The love and divine hands of spirit can come into saddened stages of our lives and through proof of survival and love bring a type of joyfulness that can’t be categorised or labelled but simply serve to supply positive inspiration.

The beauty of spirit can be shown in so many lights; from the radiance in the growth of a plant to the more specific tasks which they speak of at close proximity in a reading and then put into practice in the physical objects around us.  Today there exists in our garden a vivid and blossoming depiction of spirit in action. 

It lies within the birthday reading which one medium gave and within it the words of a grandfather who spoke of a rose, in his remembrance of the date and from spirit he wished his granddaughter a happy time and within his hands he held and gave to her a pink rose.

The words were enough to bring a smile to the lips because they held the love of the grandfather inside but it was the forthright surrounding physical action which made the granddaughter ponder.  Was the rose a symbol?  Her grandfather loved gardens and could it just be a link to this… The unanswered questions were left unsaid but the thoughts were there and more curiosity than need brought the words back to the front of her mind. 

It was approaching the birthday and with this reading having only come a few days before the girl sat at the window and looked at the pebble strewn and gravel garden.  The family had not planted any flowers in the back of the property because of the difficulty for them to grow and due to the plastic and felt lining which had been put down by the gardeners when the house had been refurbished. 

On the eve of her birthday the girl sat and looked out at the patch of the land just outside her bedroom and the reading came back to her and some sense took hold for some reason.  The words had been so much a likening to the tone her grandfather used to use.  The concern and thoughts turned to the flower he had produced…the pink she knew in spiritual terms stood for unconditional love.  It was certainly something that her grandfather would do and with this in mind the girl put out the mental thanks and the efforts turned to her hopes that he had been able to do everything he wanted in spirit and that she had understood him correctly.

With the hopes sent out as her final thanks she drifted to sleep.  It was bright the very next day that the girl awoke to the sound of her mother preparing for the event.  Excitement filled her and she got ready to join her family, only regretful that her grandfather could only send his wishes in reading.  As the morning progressed, it was but a few hours in when the need drew the girl to the window and her attention focused on that gift, her grandfather’s beautiful symbolic link to the day, and it was as she thought this that her eyes went to the same patch of barren land and pebbles that were directly outside her bedroom and to the bright pink rose which now stood in its place.

 Understanding spirit is vital because the messages they evoke and give offer comfort and love.  This rose account is one which proves that spirit can give, provide and astound from their side.  They can still leave many profound and open hearts at the demonstrations they can show.       

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