Love and roses.

Author: | Posted on: October 10, 2012

A lot of questions and conversation which have been sent into this site have been centred on love and the impact that this emotion has on lives.  It is valid in many cases that traditional processes follow on from a declaration of love.  Through multitudes of example and practical scenarios this is given and supported by spirit with proposals and engagements blessed and watched by the relatives and those we hold dear in spirit.  They often have prior information regarding the marriages, celebrations of this life and the destined partner of your lives this side. 

It is with this knowledge and practical guide that spirit make a inrode into helping you find your happiness in your life.  It may not be the way you expect nor in the fashion that you have planned for but you can be certain that spirit do not let you down.  Love does not always neccessarily go hand in hand with roses or moonlit strolls but it as a feeling is sometimes the greatest saviour or the soothing aid which is needed the most.  Loving someone can be painful at times because in devoting a significant element of yourself to someone else you are in effect giving a bit of control away.  

Decisions in life when in love are split, suddenly there is someone else to consider, someone who can assist and partner your path but also has the destined line of their own life to follow.  This is why it can be complicated, especially when marriage is that step towards mirroring someone else and becoming the kindred spirit at their side.  Half of a friendship in time and practical actions become whole and love is no longer just a mere word.  It is not wrong when one person takes longer to catch up, not a dismissal if your goals are not shown as a match with the person you love as interpreting one another’s needs in life is important.

A person may not view love in exact a view as you do.  They may feel or sense their connection and commitment through other displays and not fit in with a convention outlook.  This is not to say outlining your aims in a relationship is bad simply it takes various definitions of love and relations in people are not always straightforward.  Cultivated and given respect the emotion can blossom and just with a rose it can climb to heights.  Instinct is significantly neccessary when in a couple but so too is a caring and sensitivity to what both parties desire.

Love is alive and awakened spirit side.  There are many couples who reunite.  It is with the person you feel most joined or comfortable that you unite.  Emotion can be shown, you do not forget or neglect those bonds. on the subject of this many readings have proved that a spouse can  and does watch when you go through grief, sorrow, contentment or gladness.

Film epics that depict romance do show liasions in the extreme and whilst this may be right and reflected through some events, there is just as close a link in other individuals who devote themselves.  Your affection, sincerety and spirit can expand when it feels a resounding pull towards someone.  The joy is often because you fit so well, feel as if someone knows you or touches you soul.

When the expressional verse or prose reports on a natural highlighting or passionate rebirth of the sense it is because that can mean love.  A feel or gladness that touches your spirit.  Loving someone or even having that same amount of compassion for something in your life is a dimension or light which when switched on can cast the most wondrous spark.

Spirit and relations do sense this elaborate or sometimes basic emotion that we have on this level.  When passing it can be evoked in other means but still that light is one which directs and comforts.  Spiritual presence is often accompanied by the love which gives you goose prickes and raises your hair because it is so intense and pure.  The fingers of an energy when crossing past you in circle or through a gathering is a hand which opens a door to a realm of such vastness.

 The rose as a mean of expressive terms is poignant and represents a side of spiritual memory and affiliations.  Our spiritual rose which grew overnight on a patch of felt lined gravel garden came into life and bud early one morning and on the day of a birthday in the is a special and healthy gift from spirit and has just burst into numerous buds once again, we keep it with careful tending and also have started to put a bulb of garlic next to it on the ground as it helps to deter aphids and keep it strong whilst also devoid of any fungus.

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