Little Miraculous beings on earth.

Author: | Posted on: September 5, 2012

There are often instances whereupon the most substantial and astounding miracles come in the form of the very people and animals around us.  It is when these so cute and cuddly pets act in an emergency and show their instinctive natures that their parts in lives are re-assesed and valued in a new and inspirational perspective.

In times of danger or pain we seldom have a moment to evaluate every event.  Summoning assistance from someone is generally the first port of call; however there are crucial times which come into momentum when rapid and urgent aid is the only response.  There are rarely defining moments which highlight a life saved and do not ensure an overview of the preceding integral moments.  There are many accounts which tell of true altruism in the face of bleak danger, bravery which would shake every fragment of the heart and yet there is still the odd story which can pop to the surface and define some miraculous event which has saved someone and will serve to astound at just how and where the lifeline has come from…  

Sometimes we can take assistance for granted, there is all types of help which can come when we need it the most.  We think that this comes from the people who come into contact or pass us by but when this aid is given from other sources and especially when it comes from those of a four legged variety, then this particular vital intervention can prove to take your breath away.

We live with our pet counterparts on a daily basis and rarely do we consider how much understanding or compassion they have.  Behind their expressions and the daily routine there can sometimes exist a spirit which is tied in close to the heart of their owner and whose bond is so strongly bound that they allow their affection to help move mountains or exhibit stunning and unbelievable feats of capability all in order to save a life.

This is just what was a consequence and result for one person and his pet rabbit.  Having lived with an unknown cardiac illness for a long period, one man and his wife, both were under the assumption that they were fit and well.  Having brought a Giant grey rabbit into their home all too soon his presence became a much loved and well known part of the household.  He would establish his identity not only as the pet to which the couple would bestow upon all their affection, but as the companion for the gentleman who had started to tire easily and would spend longer bouts of his days at home.

It was one fateful day that saw the wife kiss her husband on the cheek and looking at his demeanour and lack of energy start to fret that there was something wrong.  Having tried to talk herself out of her fears, she could not help but notice, their pet who would normally sit over on his own cushion to watch television had on this occasion crept over to sit by her husband and was observantly keeping his line of sight on him.  She observed the slightly odd activity but said nothing and retreated to the kitchen.  Decided as she was she chose to let the matter lay and monitor her husband from time to time to see and if his state worsened she would call in help.  There had not really been any problems with their health so she felt that no other action was warranted.

As time went on, the lady started to busy herself with items, packing up her baking she glanced through the window of the kitchen which allowed her to see into the living room.  All seemed fine apart from the reaction of their rabbit which was still strange and now had him sitting near to the man’s shoulder.  He was keeping a vigil, or what could be noted as a mean of observance of her husband.

Letting the situation go on, she noted the action but once again put it down to the strange affection that the rabbit had been displaying for her husband the last past few days.  It was not until a few minutes later that the condition soon saw the pet jumping on to the man’s chest, the speedy movement caught the lady’s eye and she ran from the window out into the room to see their Giant grey perched on her husband’s body and with his paws pounding and almost kicking around and on to the area of her partner’s heart. 

The man lay unconscious whilst the pet had taken on a life saving activity.  The flurry of his paws had done two things, one it had managed to re-start his owner’s cardiac muscles and get them working and two it had drawn the lady into seeing the man’s state of health, which he short of the vocal muscles to do had brought on by his chosen physical attempts.

Having been made to see what was happening the lady was able to call the medical services and fortunately the gentlemen who came did so and having seen what had taken place were perplexed by the relative good state of the man’s health.  The actions of the pet who had not left his side and even on seeing the medical team retreated back to watch from the man’s shoulder, his aid was evaluated by the ambulance men and deemed to have saved a life.

The type of creature which could surprise you is too something that has been noted to be slightly unpredictable.  It was one lady who lived alone who decided that pigs were where her passions were.  She had many a piglet raised and now kept eleven of them fully grown out in her field.  Yet one proved to have an affinity, or as she put it, a connected line to her sensitivity which allowed it to act when necessary.

The relationship was ridiculed.  The town having decided a lady with so many four legged mud rolling beings as friends was one who had no propper value.  Her feelings were clear and despite the humour which was vividly spread at her expense she still gave each one of her pigs, her pets the same amount of attention.  The love however was never more freely returned than through one pink and tan spotted individual who followed her through the house.  Her small legs would not allow her upstairs but as much as possible she tried to live like a human and keep her elderly owner company.

The frailty of the lady’s health was evident.  With no vast number of visitors, there were not many to notice her illness, none other than the one who was believed to be no more than a dirt loving, scratching and ignorant one.  Although as events would have it, this same sole friend was the one to notice the most.  With pain and effort it was as the one she loved became wobbly on her feet and on an afternoon where she clutched at her chest.. it was this important altering second where she decided to act.

The lady who collapsed on the floor, her plea for help had the faithful pig running at a gallop out the back door.  She ran straight for the main road and this same animal who was seen as worth nothing other than a sneer or insignificant look shot out on to the tarmac.

With no thought to the loss of her own life she sadly saw that there was no cars.  She knew somewhat that the lady back at the house did not have much time and with this in view she considered what to do.  The next actions which set her off and caused wide and much a gasp was the fact that she thought through a plan of how best to get aid.  She laid down and on to her back, as her owner had shown her she could do as a trick, only this time it was a matte of life and death.  Neither had known that when she had learnt this small interaction that one day it would mean so much.  With the lady only a short parting from passing, the little miracle who she had known as a friend, firmly took her position out on the highway and pretended, she did her best as inspiration struck and played dead.  It was not too long before a vehicle stopped and got out to check on the animal and it was as he checked that she bounced to her feet and forced the man to amble on behind.  Leading him straight to her helpless loved one she saved the spirit and life of the one she had also put her trust in and kept her on Earth.            

I hope that through these brief stories the true potential and sometimes grey shaded areas will shine out for you and show that even the most needed help may come from the unforseen and overlooked sources.  It is not always the unarguably stunning monumental tasks which these positive and beautiful energies in our lives achieve but also it can be in a memory of one devoted moment, or in one emotion filled look that can show you that there is more to the little miracle which you shelter and keep around you, much more than sometimes you know.

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