King Richard question of spirit.

Author: | Posted on: April 24, 2013

Recently we placed an article in this section of the website regarding the physical sighting of King Richard III at a spirit and trance circle.

Subsequently there have been many comments and emails about this and more queries about the nature of what was seen and in deed if this spiritual activity brought about any information of speech from King Richard.

When his spirit energy manifested in the circle it was as the Royal line of Plantagenet was being identified and spirit worked to establish that the connection was made clear.  As members of the circle were in trance, there was a silence and a sense that something was going to occur.  It was afterwards as individuals were still not completely conscious that speech from spirit started to be heard in the sitting and the words of King and Plantagenet were uttered.

Having identified that the spirit to come into the trance sitting was a King and that he was part of the Plantagenet dynasty, it was then with a sense of injustice and loss that a member of the sitting was made aware by spirit that this individual was someone who had been talked of, at the core of many rumours but was someone who had fought for a sense of what he knew to be right.

The loss did play a part as the medium who was aware of the emotion then became saddened to the point of tears and knew the spirit who was about to join the sitting would have been someone who had a life which did not feel full or pan out as he would have wanted.

The spirit used a number of spirit means to convey what he wanted portrayed.  He put his feelings across through clairsentience, gave a lot of audible hints as to where he was in the circle through clairaudience and the people who sat heard a lot of walking sounds along with taps on the walls before he gave everyone sight of his form through clairvoyance.

 Seeing any sight of spirit is astounding.  It can vary but in the case of King Richard primarily the circle grew extremely cold, then a white but what could be termed translucent mist began to take shape.  When the spot was cloudy so the two mediums sitting in that corner of the area could not see each other and sensed wet almost damp air around it was after this the chest and body were witnessed.

Above all it was the head and the particular haircut which were noticed.  Long dark brown hair sat till below the gentleman’s ears.  The stare took in the members and it became apparent that the clothing was from many hundreds of years before the sitting. 

The sight was spoken of and as members were breaking down who this King was, the name Plantagenet not only was referred to again by the energies drawn to the séance but the same indication was shown beside the physical form.

The sense of this spirit did not bring on fear but gave a lot of poignant recollection, emotional understanding that though everything is not always as one would like it is important to be able to know the ones around you and trust them implicitly.

The trust element seemed strange because his tie to this subject made the medium conscious that though he in life was made to suffer at the hands of spoken words and he felt that there were many who stood behind him but were not supportive of him he still believed that valuing people and their integrity was vital.

Integrity was important to him.  It seemed in those minutes during the circle that the world was drawn out like a painting in front of the mediums and King Richard could see masses of green fields and England as a joyous habitat.

 Wars had come about and he showed specifically scenes of battle with men tearing into others and fights breaking through and along with this a sense of unrest.  The darkness that accompanied this imagery only made his words more vivid and things to be taken to heart as he, King Richard put across the futility of events such as this and more evocatively stated that incidents of this greed, violent and ill thought conviction bring about no end other that dissolution and loss.  He left with a contended knowledge of who he was and what he stood to achieve for England.

Thank you so much to all who have sent in comments.

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