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Author: | Posted on: February 27, 2013


Spiritual connection, proof of surviving the passing of the spirit can be exhibited in many forms and certain evaluation and summary of what has been provided during a closed sitting can provide the wondrous and intriguing snippets of how and why spirit want to disclose messages and personal thoughts.


Valentine’s Day and the circle that was held on the 14th February was one which showed that spirit can and in a sitting arena convey valid and vital information. 

On February 14th 2013 many things were demonstrated by spirit but above all the validation of names and their heart felt association with this particular anniversary showed that spirit were not only aware of memories but want to capture their importance.

Theodor Roosevelt the 26th President of the United States was able to come through on the designated circle day and in the time when sitters were in trance give a link to the anniversary which was remarkable and has only today meant that yet another revelation has come to our attention. 

It was mentioned that whilst research was being done into why President Roosevelt came into that circle and it was uncovered that not only sadly had his wife and mother both passed on that day but that it was also significant because his granddaughter was married on the same date of February 14th.  Today it was discovered that President Roosevelt had also publicly announced his engagement to his wife on this same day in February.   

Winthrop Rockefeller who passed on the 22nd February 1973 and Stan Laurel who ended his earth life on the 23rd February 1965 came to a sitting and not satisfied with just expressing the days which were significant to their individual life they gave relevant information of their passions, home and work domains.  Both the spirit presences aided the sitters in uncovering parts of who they were.

Significant in its informative value but something which showed the means by which spiritual energy wanted to convey what they wanted to say is an example which occurred in one of the latest sittings..


One medium and important member of circle sat in the meeting on the 14th February and in the process of conveying what spirit indicated he suddenly said King Edward VII.  He saw and referenced the spirit standing beside a bird.  This information was noted and the search was made to find why spirit had wanted him to come through on that hosted séance.  No result was discovered and then a copy of the Daily Mail newspaper was seen dated the day after the spiritual circle was convened and everything was made clear.

The article in the paper stated that a piece of news had lately been brought out through letters which pertained to the King.  The content of the story apparent that it was about the King and his link to birds.  The result of this made a connective bond to how spirit had brought the headline to circle one day before it was made public as the paper was printed on the 15th February 2013. 

Before the news could be published externally in the paper or printed through any format spirit have through their contact ensured it first can be made apparent and clear to the members of a circle via spiritual means.


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