Author: | Posted on: November 1, 2011

Well I am happy to report Halloween was an exceptional date for spiritual activity. 

Here is a list of some of the things which occurred.

The clock started swinging its chime pendulum as we approached the midnight hour for the start of Halloween.  The chime pendulum on the clock was not working and yet at that time it started to kick in action.

 The Halloween pumpkin which was lit and put in the front lounge of the house looking out on to the street went out at exactly 12 midnight this was despite the fact the candle and tee light still had plenty of wax.  A second pumpkin which had been lit at exactly the same time as this stayed on burning until 2am.

The plumbing in the toilets started a very odd groaning on the day of Halloween.

At well after nine pm and nearing ten o’clock the sound of birds erupting into sound came for no apparent reason.

On driving home in a suburban area a bat like animal flew across the windscreen.

Spirits and spooks will join in

For the fun and festivities of Halloween

This is the time when spooks, spirits and entities will be seen

On this hallow day

When the spirits will play

And join in to see you on Halloween. 

This is the day for the unseen to be seen.

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