Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: August 19, 2015

Physical reminders of loved ones in spirit.

When a loved one passes there are lots of physical reminders of the lives they lived.  The person or people you loved have lived a life with you, full of physical items which would have meant something, the reminders of their lives can often be both joyous and hard to note.

As mediums often we think of physical reminders of loved ones as links to the spirit of the person or people who have passed.  In messages, readings or images spirits can refer to the physical items they once used, had or have a knowledge of being in their lives.

Loved ones in spirit are the people you knew in life and while they do not have to use the physical items of life in the same way they do refer to what they meant to them and how they have an importance.

Spirits of loved ones can refer to the physical lives they have lived and their ability to give a message to those who were important to them can utilise the same items they used in life.  There have been many an interesting account about physical items which belonged to someone who has passed being located, moved or turning up somewhere odd or special, all these links to someone can be physical reminders of loved ones in spirit.

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