Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: July 29, 2015

Public Readings and Private Readings.

People may hear about spirits when linked to a medium or to a term called a reading.  In this article I am going to explain what readings are and how they can most commonly be interpreted.

A reading is basically when someone is able to note messages from someone who has passed.  A medium often will sit in as the intermediary and pass messages between the two sides.  This action is noted in terms of a reading.

Public Readings:

A public reading is also sometimes referred to by the term of demonstration.  This is when a medium or several mediums will stand up in front of an assembled audience and pass on messages from spirit to numerous different individuals.

Private Readings:

A private reading is a one to one basis.  This is where one or a small number of people will sit with a medium and have a personal period of time in which they can talk to a person who has passed.  Questions can be asked and there will be time to go into answers from spirit at length.  This arena in relation to messages being passed on is known as the private reading.

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