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Author: | Posted on: May 27, 2015

Spirit Hauntings.

In this article both terms of Residual energy or entity and Disassociated spirit will be explained.  In a lot of reported experiences of haunted locations these are the explanations for why certain incidents and events have been noted.

Residual energy – A Residual energy is usually experienced on the site of where something traumatic has been experienced, it can be where a major event which has caused emotional or physical distress has been, or where a scene of some heightened emotive response has been felt.  Interestingly Residual energy can be depicted in any environment or location where something major has been a part of its past.  People can sometimes sense or feel extreme sadness or anger in these areas, odd physical activity can be seen, unexplained incidents can be noted.  The energy emotive and physical part of the Residual experience is the cause for a lot of these classes of haunted experience.

Disassociated spirit – In life we do encounter many events, some of which can lead to an unexpected or sudden passing, if this is something experienced then a spirit, or spirits, may not have fully understood what has come to pass.  These spirits can sometimes not cross over and remain in the house or with the objects they know to be their own.  If this is the cause of a haunting then misunderstanding may lead to references of what is seen as aggressive or odd activity.  Spirits who do not know they have passed will not understand they no longer live there and may attempt to do things they used to, physically be where they were or to try to alert people to their being there.  This can be referenced to as unexplained activity as the seemingly odd noises, object movement and senses of someone or something can be explained by hauntings.

Spirits are less likely to be the cause of a reported haunting than one might be lead to think.  Explanations for why odd things have been noted can come from all sorts of arenas and spiritual causes are mostly validated by investigation in only a few percent of cases.  Do not quickly assume that if you experience an unexplained incident this is because of a spirit but try to question and understand why something has been noted.

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