Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: February 25, 2015

Mediums often refer to physical links.  Physical reminders of people in spirit to loved ones can be anything which is physically seen, heard, sensed or noted and will link to the person who has passed in some form.

Physical reminders or links can be exactly that.  It is in a smell, a sense or a notable audio reference which once seen will remind someone of a person who has passed.  The spiritual reference is something which if physically observed will be then potential evidence of spirit.  In order for it to be evidence there should be no other physical explained reason for the occurrence to have happened.

Many reports have been noted on smells, noises or physical reminders of someone.  There have been incidents in the smells of perfume which someone used to use who has passed to spirit but will be notable, usually for a short period in time, on an anniversary or special date for a loved one.  There have been smells of baking and particular smells reported in rooms where no baking was being done.  One report was a factual incident claimed by several people who had visited a nearby touristic attraction it had been a quiet walk back with not much happening.  As the tour had moved past a vacated building it was on first appearance as though nothing was occurring and no one was on site but for a group of individuals who were passing by, the smells would indicate that something was happening there.  In follow up investigatory looks into what had occurred interestingly in the same place there had been a bakery but that was over a hundred years ago.  The people who had reports of the smells had also taken pictures of the place which had been since abandoned and on the photographs were visible little blue round lights.

Smells, senses and visual incident are all physical links.  Mediums can refer to this type of activity and there are many interesting personal claims of spirit linking happening in physical sight of one or multiple individuals.

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