Crossing conceptions

Author: | Posted on: November 6, 2013

We have entered a new phase in a year, with all hallows eve marking the harvest, it is with a mood of happiness it is that the end of this cycle will be the start of growth and birth.

I love being able to pass messages and see something of the different but integral levels of life.

Spirit far from removed can be the most every day element of which we come into contact.

We each have a time on this earth and can stray or stay within our own defined paths.  We even though we do not know it at each crossroads do impact on others and how we act or what we say through personal but significant junctures can give lasting impressions.

The first personal concept in spirit that I have found is that it means different things to each person.  Mediums themselves have abilities to either sense, see or hear spirit and this does mean that specific personalities in spirit will be prone to choose the most suited to them.

When we talk about spirit, I do not think it in a religious or closed way, to me seeing and knowing spirit has always been a matter which has given me a cause to find explanations for what I saw, to think on moments which in normal logical situations should not be and has been a valuable link that has given information which should not be accessible at a time when it is needed.  There are people who explore physical evidence of our loved ones and there are those who go to places which are supposedly notorious for haunting but from what I have seen and to me your most breath taking proof will always be what you know to be fact of your heart.

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