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Author: | Posted on: February 11, 2015

Are children loved in life still looked after in spirit?

One of the most difficult events in life can be that of a child’s passing.  It is impossible to think that one might outlive that of a younger loved one and as in the contemplation of it the reality is something that can alter one’s perspective on life.

Often children in spirit do speak to loved ones, their own links to a life they have experienced with parents, friends and people they knew.  These messages can be ties to life one would not refer to themselves but to a child it is the little things which they often refer to and like to share with loved ones.

People have connections to children through love which do keep them together, and no matter how bereft one is after a loss and how they might sense that they are alone the love of a child is something that never leaves their side.

Children in spirit are themselves able to come through in a message, they do speak on their lives, on information about an interest, on who were important to them.

Spirit do talk of children and the love which they are shown in passing to spirit.  Younger individuals are never left to go through a passing alone.  There will be members in spirit, relations, friends or loved ones who do help a child in the passing and the process of looking after them, helping them to grow spirit side and even if this is not always in age, the children in spirit do grow in their learning about what their lives were, of their love and of what they are able to do in spirit.

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