Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: February 4, 2015

When a loved one has physically left your side, are they still able to pass a message, and their love on to you?

Often it is loved ones, friends and people who were involved in someone’s life who aim to understand about someone who has passed to spirit, if they can ask them a question or prove if they are apparent in spirit.

Spirit messages can range from verified information on place names, people’s likes and dislikes, even addresses or links to incidents which could make or break the events leading up to their passing.  The spirit can refer to incidents in their life, or that of the lives of the people they are talking to, and at times this can be a shock for all concerned.

Even a medium, who acts as that bridge between the two parties, can be taken back by how much up close and personal information can be relayed.  It is not until you have passed on a message that it becomes clearly shown that spirit can and do know just what to say at that minute.

A medium may have to pass on a message which is not easily understood by them.  Asking questions does sometimes only delay what needs to be relayed, as when the message is passed on, the sentiment is something which is only known by the person who is telling the information and for the intended person.

It is in the relay of what a spirit refers to, in the links and the love, in the informed of incidents which inspire one to understand about just how spirit do what they do.

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