Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: January 28, 2015

Animals in spirit.  A dolphin without a tail, an elephant without a limb and even a turtle with wheels for legs, they all live life to their own fullness and in spirit their accounts of life can alter your own view of what life means.

People often have a great love for their animals, their pets, the animals they used to have as a child, the dog or cat of a neighbour or a loved feline or canine companion who has come into their acquaintance.

Questions on if animals exist in spirit, if they have the same sort of a passing as a human and if they will be able to see their animals again in spirit do regularly get asked.  The answer to the above questions are addressed through a number of experiences in private readings where personal pets have actually referenced information on the lives they have had with an owner, incidents which were only known by the owners shockingly retold by the pet in spirit through their perspective or unique take on life will often have quite an effect and there have even been instances where a cat or dog has brought through information about other related or relevant animals in spirit.  Speeches in sittings where spirit have spoken about animals in spirit and provided information about what happens to them in passing are interestingly informative on the process animals will go through and how the level for animals in spirit is not that far from that of their human counterparts.

The love one has for an animal is never lost even after they pass to spirit.  We do, at times, encounter an animal with a physical difficulty or a physical form which is less than conventional.  These animals require the right type of owner who has the adaptability to offer the animal the right style of life so as they may live life to their full potential but if really viewed in the right light all animals can be the animals they are at heart.  A reflection of this is seen in one reading where an animal who needed a little physical help was able to pass on a message to a beloved owner whereby he thanked the person for all the years of help and through a combination of verified accounts of his life he went into how his love for the owner and what he did for him had saved his life, going on to provide a link that would save that of his owner.  The friendship of animal and man really did save two lives.

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