Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: January 21, 2015

Spirits of loved ones are the same people we knew in life.

There are often questions about when a spirit can come through with a message, about how a message will be passed on and who in spirit will be able to be spoken to, spirit in itself do not seem to have any restriction on time periods as to when they can come through with information for someone.  There have been evidenced messages in a matter of weeks after someone has passed, sometimes days and often longer as usually someone who has passed will have to have a time of recovery whereby if they have had an illness or traumatic passing that spirit will not be able to come through for a while as they take time to heal and the spirit has to come to terms with what has happened but this is not necessarily so for everyone.

Messages from spirit come in all forms, visual, audio and sense.  It could be that a spirit will reference events or information in their own lives or that of the person they would like to talk to, this message can then be validated and will act as that link to the spirit.  There can be image reference, feelings of emotion or physical conditions which would have a meaning for the person who has passed to that of someone who knew them in life or there could be a connecting link from that spirit to someone else.

Spirits of almost anyone in someone’s life can come through and do.  Often people are shocked by who in spirit is able to talk to them, as it can be someone from the past, someone who had a difficult relationship with the person but who would like to put things right or there can be grandparents or great grandparents who had passed on before a person was born and who do have that link to someone and have a message for them all the same.  Talking with loved ones in spirit can be a shocking, emotional experience and it can broach subjects or people one would not have expected but every message from spirit is important.  Each has its own sentiment and significance.

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