Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: January 14, 2015

Embracing life from spirit is easy.  Many spirits have referred to their activities spirit side in messages.  The links to life are many, spirits of individuals who loved to cook, to make, to teach or to live with a passion will remain with that passion at their heart.

Spirits who have passed on and reside in spirit link to their knowledge of past interests.  Their love in life is their love in spirit.  As mediums who have sat in joint circle, in private readings and on occasions of investigating evidence of spirit, there have been accounts of spirit in action who actively physically link to certain items they loved to use or who have touched and physically provided a connection to a specific interest as a physical link to them in spirit.

Evidence of a certain sound being played, an object relevant to the person in spirit physically doing something notable or a connection to an individual can all provide interesting evidence of spirit.

Entering spirit side when you are planned to is like starting to live life with a few extra bonuses…

On entering spirit side when it is expected for you to do so, there are many possibilities and the learning does not stop.  You are still you, and your sense of passion, aims and interests are still linked to what you feel they should be.

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