Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: January 7, 2015

Happy New Year!  May it be a New Year filled with happiness for you.

Spirits are the essence, a part of an individual in life, in passing the spirit is what remains as a link for us this side.  A spirit like a person this side of life does not have to remain in residence in one area nor do they have to be physically tied to one place to live, in spirit we are free to be wherever we like at whenever time we feel is necessary.

It is important to know that passing is a process of being and in spirit we have to go through a practical evaluation of the life lived.  When the time is set for us to pass, the physical side of life will be left and the individual will be able to have a life review of past moments and it will be in this period in which our life is considered.

A life review is a life assessment if you like, a means for investigating our life at each point and turn, have we made the choices we needed to and have we been the person we should?  It is an honest review of everything, there are no curtains to be drawn and nothing to hide.

It is the life review which turns our minute of passing into the second of significance.  It is the life review which determines as spirit how we progress.  Life is not a test, it is not a rehearsal and it is not an example of what we could be, life is a look at the person we are and it is in the end important that we aim to look at our choices, our life’s achieved elements and at who we were as a person.

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