Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: November 19, 2014

Questions about life, about what happens to someone after they pass and what a medium is or does are often asked in an attempt to know more about the life after the one we have now.

As a medium there are many points at which one is placed in a situation whereby information about an individual who has passed is available to them.  It is in those moments that it is the most precious sense which allows one to be able to watch at just how close a spirit can be to a loved one and at times to note that even if it is difficult for the loved one to know just how loved they are the spirit is surrounding that individual with their love.

In spirit there does not seem to be rules on the time limit for when a spirit can visit with a loved one, the spirit may be ready two days, months or longer from that moment when they have passed.  One experience of spirit is relayed in the need to adjust or to settle after a passing, as there are concerns and ties to a life lived which have to be resolved.

When a loved one or someone known has passed, people will often feel the pain of the loss and the heightened grief of the feeling that what has happened should ever have taken place.  Questions can be asked and some do sense that they have been let down and will have recrimination against a higher being who could have done such a thing in taking the life of someone who was loved.

What is not as easily or sadly known is how much spirit do know and understand that break in a physical connection to a loved one.  Spirit are often there and even that energy of a higher being which is in question will surround that person’s loved ones with love.  Even as the pain of loss is felt, the spirit who is in transition is well, happy and adjusting to their life in spirit and their presence is with loved ones all through the grieving process even if they can not always return to visit fully until they are ready.

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