Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: November 12, 2014

Survival of the soul.

A survival of the soul is one’s evidence of physical proof that a spirit is able to show they have passed from one side of life to another.

There are many who feel that a physical link to someone is that evidenced example of who they were in life.  There have been links to a person, days or months after their passing which have included something happening of which only they would be related to or known for having been the one to do.

Life reminders of someone in action.  Reports of survival of the soul can be a referral to items belonging to the person physically moving, disappearing or appearing in different spots on a certain date of birth, passing or of which links to that individual.  People having something occur which does have a link to something that person had a love of in their lives and of which by occurring then and at that moment is a link to them in life and from their spirit.

A survival of a soul is something which is important and evidenced in any message which is directed from spirit to a loved one.  The physical means of having something occur in front of someone which is linked to them, and known in their heart to be something only they would do, is a defined instance of survival of the soul.

A loved one who was close to passing had a very emotional experienced survival of the soul as many houses away a dear friend’s children had started to light so many candles and place them out on a table.  When the mother came in, the children pleaded with her not to be cross as they had a feeling they had to do it for her friend.  It was at that time that it was later told the lady who was passing did pass on at the time the children lit the candles and she had on closing her eyes referred to all the lights which had just been turned on.

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