Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 15, 2014

In life we live with the idea that there is a time when we will have a natural physical point by which we can not live on and when we pass on from this life.

Many people have ideas about what a passing means.  Individuals have ideas on what happens to someone when they pass and on where they go.

We as mediums can only refer to what individual spirit state when they link with someone.  The links to what happens to someone and what living as we say spirit side are reports from spirit on what their experience is.

Mediums are different and normally no one medium can state or define what spirit side is as their links are differed due to what the spirit states their own sense of it is.

In a reading one younger male who had a message for a loved friend recounted his sense of what passing was like for him.  He had lots of images of racing cars and levels of surroundings as one would be used to in an Xbox racing car sensation and on referring everything as it was to the friend it became apparent that his love was to race cars on his Xbox and interestingly his sense of spirit side was like that.  Interesting and personal a sense of what it is like spirit side can be as different or similarly linked based on what someone has lived through or felt in life.

The links spirit have to spirit side or to answering as to what it is like to have passed do relate to who someone was in life and what their loves were.

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