Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 1, 2014

People do not always know what seeing spirit or passing on a message from a spirit means.  Spirit of those we loved in life who pass are the same as those individuals we knew in life and it is through their messages or links that who they were becomes apparent.

Spirit have many reasons to give a message to a loved one.  Support is often the basis for why they link to a loved one and why they try to show a little of their knowledge of the times they shared with a person and of their issues being lived through or of something to be.

It is not always the person you think of who will come through.  Spirit of people from earlier years or those we have a loving relation tie to will be able to give a message in a reading.  It is not up to the medium or the recipient of a message to decide who they would like to talk to but thinking of someone who has passed or holding something which was loved by them may be a way of helping that spirit to be the one who is able to talk to a loved one in that message.  Having a reading on a birth date or a date which was important may be a reason for the spirit to link to a loved one.

Spirit as in life have their own way of linking to someone.  Spirit are not the all the same and the way that they talk to a loved one will differ.  Spirit will be as who they were in life.  The love which is felt in a reading has the potential to be that difference for loved ones this side and it is with the means of their linking to a loved one that it is shown that love does not end with a passing of the physical life.

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