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Author: | Posted on: January 23, 2024

As from now on, each week the Crossing Conceptions part of this website will not only contain an inspirational article but a specifically given personal spirit reading. Please do read on for the message or messages included on the latter part of this page.

Chakra Points.

Chakra points are at particular spots on our body and help to radiate and flow though life force.

Each of the chakras relate to glands, they help to individually maintain the ebb and working of those specific areas.  If they are not in perfect condition then they can be the cause of ailment and illness.  With this in mind, we have decided to put out a small exercise which works and helps to show how you can clean and put these seven power points in the best possible health state.

No. 1  point is at crown of head; this helps to control the Pineal gland and is the focal point for the brain and nerve system.

No. 2 point is in the middle to the two eyes and is called the Brow chakra; or The Third Eye Chakra and it is located in the middle of the forehead, it does correspond with the Pituitary gland and it is in help of the forehead, temples and carotide systems.

No. 3 Throat Chakra, this point is at the base of the throat, it helps with Thyroid gland and it helps with throat, neck and brachial and breathing.

No. 4 point is the heart Chakra, this is located in chest, it helps with Thymus gland; and it helps with heart, lungs, cardiac element, circulatory systems and the complete chest area.

No. 5 The Solar Plexus chakra; located half way between the naval and the bottom of breast bone and it relates to Pancreas which is a major power area in control of the stomach and intestines, liver, eyes and skin, and muscles.

No. 6 The Sacral chakra or the Spleen chakra this is located in or nearby belly button; it controls the Gonads and is in help of reproductive and lumbar region.

No. 7 The base/root chakra is between the sex organs and anus; it helps with adrenal gland s and is in charge of skeletal includes also teeth and spinal cord, bladder, lymph glands and sciatic, sense of smell, legs, feet and ankles.

Colours and stone including crystals and gems.

Diamond; is the crown chakra, it attracts love and emotion and ambundance

Lapis lazuli; targets the brow chakra and it stimulates Thyroid and increases vision and harmony.

Amethyst; targets the throat chakra and the brow, it enhances spirituality and peace in turn also helps addictive habits

Aquamarine, Emerald, Jade, Malachite, is also known as lucky money stone and helps to sooth asthma, Ruby, the green shade helps with ability to remember dreams, ruby stimulates circulation.

Gold; targets the solar plexus chakra and it purifies, helps healing an d lends masculine energy.

Silver; lends feminine energy.

Garnet; targets and focuses on the root chakra and heart chakra it inspires energy and balances spiritually.

It is also important to know silver can focus on the seven chakras, sapphire can be utilised for the brow and throat chakras, it is highly spiritual, these help to achieve goals, tanzanite is related to the brow chakra and it encourages spiritual insights.

Spirit Readings.

In this message I would like to talk about a lady in her sixties who was also a grandmother and mum. She had a huge heart and helped many animal charities, she tried to focus on health but everything meant that she had to take things a lot slower. She had rosy cheeks and was known for her caring way. In having come from a large family herself, she went on to have eleven children and they were a family of twelve for all of their lives together. She worked hard and is happy to say that all of her children are now settled for the most part. She was in the newspaper for her charity work and she would like to say that she is now doing well.

Until next time I give these messages to you with light and love.

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