Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 27, 2021

I mean it is Halloween!

If thinking about Halloween puts ideas about ghosts and ghouls in your head, then this article might well not be for you!

One important aspect of Halloween actually originated as a time of recognition for the occasion of a harvest. The drawing in of the nights and the cooler approaching season meant that people would gather the crops and prepare for the culmination of efforts that they would all too soon need.

Displays of shape carved root vegetables was symbolic of the warding off for any negativity away from the recently grown harvest. A time for acknowledgement of tended to efforts and achieved hard work from the land, at Halloween many people recognised how dependant they were on the fruits of their labours.

Halloween is a time for acknowledging the altering of the seasons and the achievements that might have been accumulated. Far from being laden with ghastly ghouls, it had a basis in natural and environmental awareness.

In culturally being aware of the significance for children, and how history has a part to play in the dressing up and even the Trick Or Treating, it can be a time to positively recognise certain aspects of such a seasonal occasion.

In a close setting at home, in a small gathering or safe public event, please remember to positively have fun and however you have yours, may I wish you a safe and happy Halloween!

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