Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: August 4, 2021


Even as a medium, I can become taken aback and astounded at the true, marvellously motivating ability of spirit.

An incident occurred only the other day, whereby I was shown once again that spirits of loved ones can be so close by and ready to indicate their love through very, everyday examples of their presence.

The other day my mum happened to walk into my grandma’s bedroom and after thinking about her for a minute or two, she gently smelt some of her belongings. This is something that she had done on numerous occasions before and yet oddly, this time the unique scent of my grandma filled the entire room. This struck my mum as significant.

I had been in another room and unaware of what my mum had experienced, I too had an oddly significant moment in which simultaneously to my mum’s encounter with the particular overwhelmingly personal scent in my grandma’s bedroom, I fell into a light sleep like trance. It was in that moment I could see my grandma’s smiling face, as I went into her room and she started to talk to me excitedly about a favourite TV programme that she had seen.

It was a very vivid and emotive event. In fact so much had I been moved by the experience that when my mum came into the room where I was, I could not wait to tell her that I had only a short while ago depicted my grandma very clearly in her bedroom. My mum smiled at that because she knew it was a validation. It not only acknowledged that my grandma had been aware of my mum having gone into her bedroom but also signified the relevance of the scented response.

Positive and personal examples of love can be a beautiful way to recognise relationships and in spirit there seems to be multiple demonstrations of this kind of possibility. In visiting both with my mum and myself, my grandma knew that while I could see her I could also subsequently ensure that I would tell of my experience and thereby verify the physical scent that my mum had been given by her.

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