Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: July 2, 2014


A medium has a part in passing a message from a spirit person to an individual this side.  This is not the only way spirit have of being placed with a loved one but it is a way of re opening a link to a loved one.

In a reading there are many methods of making a link and proving that there is life after passing to spirit.  There has to be that connection through past events or by a tie to a passed person but all other information is reported as is in image or phrasing by spirit.

People do not alway have the exact idea about what mediums do and they have an impression of something that is nothing like what a reading is.

A reading is a means of one person who is able to sense spirit and this might be through different visual, audial or sentient abilities but it acts the base for the person then linking information which can be known by people who were a part of that person’s life.

A reading is a link from spirit to loved friends to re connect to each other or for information to be spoken of that no one else has been aware of and it above all has to be that moment which enables a sense of who that person was in life.


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