Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 21, 2020


The question of where spirits go, is one which has long intrigued people. Many cultures have based routine practices and beliefs around their theoriesĀ on an answer to this question.

As mediums we have to rely on the informationĀ and practical examples we see in our work with spirit. As spirits are the essence of the people we loved in life, all their personality, their energy and who they were is retained but in a different form. Spirit often refer to where they are in messages, readings or private links to loved ones. There are many views from spirit about where they are because it does seem as though where someone goes after they pass is dependant on likes, dislikes and where loved ones can meet with each other.

Messages can convey emotions and thoughts, even about the topic of spirits. Learning about the heritage of culture can be experienced in spirit, it can be broadened as knowledge and evaluated. What does seem to be important in many examples of different situations is that notions on culture can be expressed, discussed and respected.

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