Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: June 4, 2014

Spirit is that which we are when we pass from this side.  We do not leave our lives in a spirit sense but in a physical we appear with links to what we had.

A spirit reading can be a link from people this side to a loved one who is in spirit.  While spirit may be people who were loved, a relative or someone who was close to or had a place which is known of in life but also spirit reading may allow other people to connect.

A link from people to spirit will come in a time once experienced by all or a loving expressive image which will have a meaning for those people.  There are message from spirit which has been from a friend or someone who had not been heard of for more than a few years.  It seems that as long as that person felt they had an importance then their spirit may step into a message to say something or say a short piece to that person even if their part in their lives might only be that of a once or twice occasion.

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