Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 25, 2020

Who will contact me?

There have been messages from spirits that have seen couples link with the children they had in life, people who knew of each other and even links to talk about how someone can get over a difficult part of their life because of what has been understood from a renewed relationship.  Spirits do not always have to be the first person you have thought about as someone you would like a message from or to talk with, just as one does not anticipate that in life, family members or friends from long ago might be the ones to pick up the point of contact in a reading.

There is freedom to love, to develop and to know people who are important and that is why it does appear that many different individuals and generations can meet up again in a message from spirit or spirits.

Hence messages are not always for loved ones or people the spirit knew exceptionally well.  Sometimes friends will have a message for someone, grandparents or great grandparents will make an appearance in a reading for someone and they can provide information which can later be validated by another member of the family or someone who knew them on a more well known basis.

A lot of people are shocked by who approached them in a spirit message or reading, information can be received that alters someone’s perspective on important issues.  Certain people have asked if it is possible to speak to one specific person who has passed over.  While often this is not so, the medium will refer to spirit or spirits who themselves step forward with information, sometimes a medium may use a personal item or refer to the same person in spirit that is asked for by people this side and a subsequent connection can occur.

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