Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 19, 2020

Happy New Year! In two days, it is officially the start of the New Year cycle for many cultures. Simultaneously correlating with the first day of spring, this New Year is one which starts a new phase in the calendar. It opens up the season to hopefully renewed health, happiness and restoration.

Life, renewal and regrowth are at the heart of this festival. It can be called Nowruz, which means “New Day” in a lot of languages and it marks an important traditional holiday but also a specially emphasised meaning for the times that we are involved in. Precious are the three themes of life, healing and recovery, all of them need to be nurtured and put into action as much as possible.

Visually vivid and varied colours open up at this time and with a real sense of love and commitment many acknowledge older relatives and the role they play in our lives, there is a sincere sense of union at this momentous occasion. It is with a lot of smiles and solidarity that everybody should look to the start of the New Year. There are better opportunities to come, splendid moments of laughter and memories to be made but everything can be that much more positive, when people join together in heart and spirit!

I would like to say a Happy Naw Ruz to you! I hope it is full of colour, positivity and LOTS of happiness!

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