Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 11, 2020

Spiritual Relationship.

Many people ask about what relationships, if any, spirits have when they have passed on.  The answer to this may be found in evidence gained from messages that have been validated and were reported in direct speech from spirits and from trance links.

Spirits have multiple relationships with individuals, people that they have loved in life, those they would like to watch over and those with which they have a close friendships.  Empathic relationship links are no different than in life, if someone has had a relationship with someone then love does not terminate with a passing, and that emotion can be the cause of much activity around someone from spirit.

Marriages, splits, difficult relationships and even a renewed friendships can all be experienced in life.  In spirit, often there are individuals who have a reunion with a partner or friend they had in life and it is more the link the someone had with that individual over the relationship status that brings them into an eager aim to unite again.

Like minded, compatible individuals will often after a natural passing, talk of finding each other again in spirit.  One point that seems to differ between that of spirit and another side of life is that of how one feels towards people.  Life incidents can mean that people have negative experiences or attitudes can be shaped by difficult events.  Aggression does not seem to be something that one suffers when a spirit has moved on and this is because there is an emphasis on healing, mending difficulties that one may have had in life.  It could be this that is the basis for why many messages do refer to individuals who are not able to understand why someone did something in life.  Response from spirit can often encompass a different perspective about life events, these messages can be important because they can heal broken emotions that have been a part of what someone did and why, they can give links that aid someone in halting the same thing from happening again for someone else who may be experiencing it in the same family.

Relationships are an important part of life.  Spirits can acknowledge people in life because of what they mean, who they are to them, what they feel for them and how they have lived a life with them.  In spirit one is not forced to be with someone through the latest marriage they had with them in life, it is moreover the experiences or a passion for how compatible someone is with another and what they can learn that means they can meet up again, this can be the basis for them to be with each other in spirit.

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