Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: January 15, 2020

Understanding the terminology associated with spiritual subjects can be extremely useful. Some of these terms you might have heard of before but below I have included the meanings and explanations of them.

Here are a few specific but significant definitions of more widely referred to spiritual references.

Mediums – individuals who can pass words from loved ones who have passed on to people this side.

Clairvoyants – individuals who can see spirits.

Clairaudience – individuals who can hear spirits.

Clairscentience – individuals who can sense spirits and others who are aware of spiritual energies; the spirits who work in a capacity to assist these people do so in an attempt to aid bridging the two levels and clarifying evidence and depictions of scenes surrounding and around those who have crossed over.

Spirits – not as sometimes created in films there to haunt or mystify, it is commonly spirits who try to provide information about their lives to those who valued them. The love and energy they bring together is due to a desire to either talk to a loved one or to enhance understanding about conditions or events particular to their passing.

Spirit guides – in essence figures to whom we can turn with questions and ask for additional support when communicating with spiritual energies. It is with their useful ability to see and visualise both spirit people spirit side and individuals on this side of life that their blend of compassion, emotion and knowledge make tasks easier and more rapid.

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