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Author: | Posted on: November 6, 2019

Gems, Chakras and the Associated Meanings.

In a recent article I wrote of the significant meanings attributed to that of the chakras. In this article I would like to go a step further and talk about the colour associations that can be found within this same area of thought.

Colours and Meanings Associated to stones including crystals and gems:

Diamond; is the crown chakra, it attracts love and emotion and abundance

Lapis lazuli; targets the brow chakra and it stimulates Thyroid and increases vision and harmony.

Amethyst; targets the throat chakra and the brow, it enhances spirituality and peace in turn also helps addictive habits

Aquamarine, Emerald, Jade, Malachite, is also known as lucky money stone and helps to sooth asthma, Ruby, the green shade helps with ability to remember dreams, ruby stimulates circulation.

Gold; targets the solar plexus chakra and it purifies, helps healing an d lends masculine energy.

Silver; lends feminine energy.

Garnet; targets and focuses on the root chakra and heart chakra it inspires energy and balances spiritually.

It is also important to know silver can focus on the seven chakras, and that sapphire can be utilised for the brow and throat chakras, it is highly spiritual in association.  Tanzanite is related to the brow chakra but it encourages spiritual insights. Emphasis on these colours can help in individual ways as a focus on a particular area of the body or more in general, as a means to achieve life goals.

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