Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: August 14, 2019

Time to Think.

Negative thoughts can be a means for exacerbating negative feelings and this cycle can be a hard one to break. It is far more difficult to read, gain a message from spirit, for somebody who is feeling depressed or too full of a recently felt grief. It is not impossible but harder, and this I believe, is because feelings both good and bad can influence how spirits can approach contact. If one has an objective state of mind, a readiness to listen but not push in either a positive or negative way, this can in turn ensure that a spirit or spirits have a strong mode from which to speak freely to recipients of their messages.

Spirits reflect through memories and sometimes they may refer to moments in lives of people who are important to them. Interestingly there is no negativity brought into an understanding of a lesson that has been learnt, only afterthoughts that lead to a recognition of the opportunity of now.

After a message from spirit, it is important to take that time to think, because there can be a lot of late recognition or insight that falls into place as and when the time for it comes into play. This ability to take time to think, can itself be a useful quality, it enhances our acknowledgment of the vast barrage of information and interactions that usually can bombard daily. It enables us to think and take that bit of time out to evaluate what has been important to us and that is an invaluable asset in itself.

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