Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: April 2, 2014

The final moments of life are termed in a medical sense by the signs of life a person may show and a medical definition in those final stages will only be what tests define.

There are many incidents of life being claimed as having been lost in a medical sense but then regained as a person is either brought back to life or is able to become conscious again.

Throughout the ages our ability to provide a responsive means for illness has improved and our medical progress has been the cause for many to succeed in leading normal healthy lives when once this would not have been possible but still there is little ability to significantly break down the NDE.

When someone leaves their physical and passes it is only classed in a medical sense and even as there are numerous accounts which have gone on to vividly state that the person is open to other experiences on an internal basis these have been discussed by science led debates but have not been investigated or significantly understood.

People who have an NDE which is an experience either allowing them to sense, sight or be a part of something that they claim occurred after their passing always or nearly always have a differen perspective after the event.

The individuals who have stated that they were in some way able to sense or visually have the same experience as someone who was passing have an approach to life they did not have before the stated incident.  Intriguing is the overlaps in what each person went through and more than the experience is the feeling that all believe gives them a more widened and comprehensive view of life.

There are many forms of SDE which is the Shared experience and the NDE the individual ability to vividly refer to what happens to them during a period up to a minute or more while there is no sign or classified evidence that someone is living.  The significant evidence being that lives can not be classed in medical terms without any awareness that there may be more to a person’s passing than a physical loss of life.

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