Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: November 7, 2018


Love can mean such a variety of things depending on the person, example and situation.  It can not ever be assumed that one expression of love means the same for all.

On many different occasions spirits have shown that love, to them, is about a certain resolving of an issue or provision of evidence at an integral time to someone in life.  Spirits who approach someone with a message can refer to love but this too, can be through, quite specific means and known only by those who are aware of the purposeful meaning found within it.

Love, of course can be beautiful and expressive.  It can mean so much.  Evidence of that same emotive link from spirit can be confounding and fascinating.  It can be full of lovely indications and thoughts but above all, it is a cause for certainty of someone being there for you when you need to know about it.  It can lessen worries and help, it is this love that means a medium is able to provide unity and continued hope to family and all or any relevant loved ones for whom it is meant.

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