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Author: | Posted on: July 11, 2018

Animal Shaped Heroes.

Dogs can be truly loyal companions and lifesavers.  They have been seen to stay with people in severe crisis situations, sacrifice their own safety for the sake of someone who needs help and go to great lengths to ensure the happiness of those with whom they share their lives.  Many breeds are known for their infamous abilities to work alongside humans and in a multitude of roles time and time again their heroic natures have won out.  This true experience though has touched my heart and I would like to let you know about it…because it can inspire such respect and admiration.

A gentleman who served a duty in combat had suffered a terrible head trauma and was left with other injuries that had paralysed him from the waist down.  He remained in a coma in hospital for many years.  Finally, after what must have seemed an eternity to his family, the gentleman woke but it was to a strange world that he faced no memory of his wife or children.  The gentleman had lost his ability to talk or read and he was taken home to undergo a strenuous recovery.

At home the gentleman turned angry and depressed.  He found interacting with people whom he should have loved, difficult.  His wife had started attending to help out at puppy training classes and on one occasion she decided to take her husband with her.  It was at the training class that the gentleman would sit in his wheelchair tucked out of the way and in a corner, it was in this same place that a bold and brilliant puppy found him.  The puppy walked right up to him and dropped a toy into his lap.  Following on from this, the puppy proceeded to keep picking up toys and each time would drop them on to the gentleman’s lap, and when the gentleman’s wife looked over it was for the first time, after a long time that she saw him smile as he brushed the toys off.

The encounter made the family think and it was decided that a dog should be brought into the gentleman’s life.  It was truly a match that made life better for both of them.  The dog became skilled in learning how to help the man and in every aspect of his caring for him the trust and loyalty built.  Closely paired, it was on one fateful day that their dedication for one another was going to be put to the test.

The gentleman had been out with his dog and in his wheelchair.  A car incident out on the road meant that the vehicle clipped the man and he fell from his wheelchair hitting his head on the pavement.  The dog too had been injured and left with a broken leg.  Despite the physical trauma the dog got up and went to check on the man.  He pulled the blanket that had been stored in the wheelchair out and covered the gentleman with it.  Then, the dog limped into the nearby hotel and barked until he got the attention of the reception staff.  He then proceeded to keep going back and forth between the gentleman and the people inside to ensure that he had got the help that was so urgently needed.

One relationship between a gentleman and his dog provoked such a great and reliable example of loyalty and love.  It was because of the evidence of this sure and steadfast relationship that the gentleman felt hopeful and recovered yet again.  He started to put together information about how his dog had helped him and gave lectures about this kind of assistance up and down the country.  It was the story of one man and his hero, the dog that expressed such a lot without having to utter a word at all.

Time passed by, and it seemed that the dog who had given such a lot of meaning to the gentleman’s life, had started to age.  Feeling distress and pain, the dog laid down in the gentleman’s arms.  He had learned over nine hundred commands.  The pair felt as if they knew each other inside out.  There seemed to be a mutual feeling of time having come to a stand still.  It was that the gentleman had to say a goodbye that seemed impossible to give, but they knew that at that time they would have to part.  The gentleman felt he had to give his loyal friend a burial close to home and it was at that same, sad farewell that a yellow puppy who he had been training, came up to him and dropped the familiar lead and collar of one unforgettable dog into his lap.

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