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Author: | Posted on: July 4, 2018

Reassuring Rose.

Evidence of positive reassurance can be miraculous but it is not always that easy to find.  Meaning can be found in the most unique and individual of pertinent examples and for us, it is the rose that grew over one night and in a part of a garden where it should not have been possible for anything to grow, that is our absolute proof of enduring love.

It had been approaching a birthday and I had received a particular message from someone telling me about a validated and recognisable person who had passed away.  The particulars for the person had been vividly apt and it was within the message that a pink rose was foretold of as being given by the person to me.  I did not know it at the time but thanks to a little bit of research I found out that pink can also be an indication of unconditional love.

The pink rose episode had been poignant but symbolic.  At home on the eve of my birthday I had thought about the message and I was a bit sad that the link could not have been a visible, physical flower to see or touch.  That night the garden that we had was the same as it had always been.  Underneath the surface small pebbles and stones was a layer of heavy duty plastic, to stop weeds from protruding through.  Unbeknown to me it was on the morning of my birthday that there was to be a bit of a shock.

In the garden, right outside my bedroom stood proudly a stem that had grown upright over night and at the very tip of it sat prominently a bright pink rose.

Miracles can happen but they can take some time to absorb.  I still get slightly overwhelmed by the growth of that beautiful pink rose and how it has blossomed.  We have had storms since and extremely bad weather but the rose has remained and it has on the occasion of birthdays blossomed again.  The photograph of the pink rose is the latest and most recent.

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