Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: June 6, 2018

Distance and Time.

Ok, distance and time, are two epic and important topics.  In life we judge a lot by time and how far we have to go to do something.  Time is a very associated issue for experiences and age.  This is not always so or according in a spirit message and this can be the cause of quite a few misinterpretations.

Spirits can refer to an image of themselves.  Energies do not have to be age appropriate and neither do the memories that are cherished have to come from one particular or relevant era.  It is because of this that individuals have shown themselves at ages they have felt at ease with or favoured and this might not always have been at the same age of a passing.

A cause of hilarity or smiles, favourite hairstyles, clothing and accessories can bring up memories of many different times in lives.  Spirits do not have to restrict themselves to one area where they have to remain and that freedom in itself can mean that a lot more is accessible to them in terms of being able to love those important people and places.  It is useful to understand this because in a message, many different times can be referred to and multiple individuals could speak about themselves as younger or from earlier moments in their lives.  Always significant, spirit messages, can be reminders and they can be reassurance givers of who someone is and why they love the things that they do.

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